副总经理 杜元新

副总经理 杜元新

  2003年至2007年 武汉工程大学 化学工程与工艺专业

  2007年至2010年 普帕克石油天然气设备(深圳)有限企业 配管工程师

  2010年至2013年 普帕克石油天然气设备(深圳)有限企业 工艺工程师

  2013年至2016年 普帕克石油天然气设备(深圳)有限企业 项目经理

  2016年至今 betway体育亚洲版入口 betway必威登录部 部门经理


  - Jacobs Canada Inc. /Suncor Energy , ALBERTA

  FIREBAG Amine sweetening units , FIREBAG 13.6 tpd (50%) SRU, FIREBAG TEG heating and cooling system

  -Enterprise Products Operating L.P.

  Meeker Gas Plant Expansion, Colorado

  Inlet Gas Dehydrators to be designed for 650 MMscfd water saturated at the outlet of the Inlet Gas Contactor Feed/Effluent Exchanger operating conditions with a 70oF inlet gas temperature and an added safety margin for water content of 3-4 lbs/MMscf.

  Inlet gas treating for CO2 removal to based on operating temperatures approach to CO2 freeze temperature no less than 10oF.

  To be maximized based on 80% minimum C2 recovery.

  -Husky Oil Operations Ltd.

  Pikes Peak South Thermal SAGD Facility

  Central Processing Facility

  -CNOOC Deepwater Development Limited

  South China Sea Deep Water Gas Development Project

  The Turboexpander machine (Frame 3.5) will be supplied by Mafi-Trench

  -CNOOC Ltd.

  HY Gas Complex Development Project

  Two trains each with design capacity of 180 MMSCFD@11450kPag TEG Dehydration Skids and TEG Regeneration Skids.



  300x108/a Sale Gas Plant, with Inlet gas slug catcher, Amine plant, Molecular Sieve Dehy, LPG, sour water stripper, SRU


  Missan Oil Field Development Natural Gas Plant

  71MMSCFD Amine plant, SRU

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